ByronStatics Vinyl Record Player

The ByronStatics Vinyl Record Player is a great addition to your music collection. This record player features a sleek design and a variety of colors to choose from. It also has two built-in speakers so you can enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere. With its three speed settings, you’ll be able to find the perfect speed for any song.

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  • The ByronStatics Vinyl Record Player has a 3speed turntable that plays 45 RPM records.
  • It has two builtin stereo speakers.
  • The player supports both RCA line out and Aux in.
  • The faux leather case is perfect size for travel speakers and comes with an extra needle and 9V 800mA DC adaptor.
  • There are control knobs for volume and switching the turntable on and off.


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  • Can Be Used For Both Vinyl And Digital Music
  • Comes With An Extra Needle And 9V Adaptor
  • Lightweight
  • Great For Beginners


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Types Of Music
  • May Arrive Damaged